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«Український науково-дослідний інститут медичної реабілітації та курортології Міністерства охорони здоров’я України»

Nano- and microstructural disperse rocks in protective barriers, medicine and balneology

Panko A. V., Kovzun I. G., Prokopenko V. A., Tsyganovich O. A., Oliinyk V. O., Nikipelova, O. M. Nano- and microstructural disperse rocks in protective barriers, medicine and balneology. Applied Nanoscience. 2019, 9(5), 665-675. doi:


On the base of results of electron microscopy, thermogravimetric, X-ray, rheological, mechanochemical and medico-biological research methods, there are proposed models of physico-mechanical, nanochemical, colloidal and biocolloid metamorphic processes of iron oxide–silicate rocks, which are accompanied by formation of nano- and microdispersed pelitic sediments, peloids (therapeutic muds), clays, sedimentary iron–silicate–carbonate ore materials. The role of microorganisms and surface-active products of their vital activity in these processes is shown. It was noted that a stable existence of ecosystems, which contain iron oxide–hydroxide–silicate polymineral formations, is largely determined by preliminary processes of geomechanical dispersion of rocks and by subsequent processes of vital activity of various microorganisms. The metabolic products of such microorganisms activate the biocolloid interactions, which are due to cooperative colloidal, biological, biochemical and nanochemical transformations of biogeocenosis of living and non-living substance. The conceptions of role and meaning of chemical and biocolloidal processes of iron and silicon nanocluster formation are developed for strength changes in contact zones of microparticles in polymineral dispersion systems which, respectively, have an influence on their rheological properties. It is shown that in the presence of sodium chloride (seawater, lake’s brine) for low-iron clay–sand systems, a dilatant–thixotropic nature of the flow is observed, and at a high-iron content in the form of nanostructured goethite, a hypernomalous growth of concentrated iron–silicate suspensions’ viscosity and enhancement of contact interactions in them are observed. Taking into account the established phenomena the application of iron oxide–silicate peloid compositions in the construction of protective barriers, in medicine and balneology (treatment of injured joints, wounds, leukemia, etc.) is considered.


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