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«Український науково-дослідний інститут медичної реабілітації та курортології Міністерства охорони здоров’я України»

American Journal of Chemistry and Materials Science 2018; 5(5): 85-90

Metabolic Syndrome: The Corrective Effect of Mineral Water with an Increased Content of Organic Substances

Sergey Gushcha, Boris Nasibullin, Alexander Plakida, Veronika Volyanska, Irina Balashova, Tatyana Mohylevska

1. Department of Fundamental Research, State Institution «Institute Research of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of
Health of Ukraine», Odessa, Ukraine
2. Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Physical Training and Valeology, Odessa National Medical University, Odessa, Ukraine
3. Department of General Practice and Family Medicine, Odessa National Medical University, Odessa, Ukraine

The pathogenesis of MS is complex and completely not studied, which justifies the importance of conducting research in this field, including experimental ones. Recently, in order to treat MS and its complications, along with drug therapy, nonpharmacological agents are used – natural therapeutic resources, which include mineral water (MW). MW are widely used in medical practice, due to the possibility of prolonged use, the combination of general non-specific effects on the processes of body sanogenesis in general and local pathogenetic mechanisms. Objective of this study was to investigate the effect of MW with increased content of organic substances on its internal application to the metabolic rate of experimental animals with the MS. In the experiment were used 40 white male rats. For reproduction of the MS model, the animals were kept for 60 days in a standard diet, while the rats additionally received 30 grams of white bread crumbs per animal and consumed only 10% fructose solution in distilled water (as a drinking liquid). MW was injected into the esophagus of animals with a soft probe with olive, once a day for 12 consecutive days, at a dose of 1% of the body weight of the animal. At day 60 of the experiment in rats with MS, blood glucose levels were increased by 3 mmol/l (p < 0.01), cholesterol and triglycerides by 32 and 154% (p < 0.01).
Against the backdrop of the development of MS, the functional state of the kidneys is impaired, the volume of daily diuresis, the excretion of urea and the excretion of chloride ions decreases by 37%, 20% and 36%, respectively (p <0.001). Also, the balance of the immune system parameters is disturbed: the number of lymphocytes (p <0.001) and active phagocytes (their absorbing and metabolic functions (p <0.05)) decreases reliably. At the same time, separate links of the humoral response are activated – the content of circulating immune complexes, heterophilic antibodies and antibodies to liver and kidney tissues is significantly increased (for the listed parameters, p <0.001). Application of MW “Lotus” leads to complete normalization of the functional state of the kidneys and partial normalization of immunological parameters. The established effects indicate a significant corrective effect of MW “Lotus” on urine forming, ion-regulating and excretory renal function.


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