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«Український науково-дослідний інститут медичної реабілітації та курортології Міністерства охорони здоров’я України»

Comparative assessment of biological activity of peloids of Ukraine of different genesis

Вabov K., Gushcha S., Koieva K., Strus O., Nasibulin B., Dmitrieva G., Аrabadji M., Plakida A. Comparative assessment of biological activity of peloids of Ukraine of different genesis. Balneo Research Journal. 2020; 11(4): 467–471. doi:


The article presents the results of comprehensive studies of the influence of peloids from different geographic regions of Ukraine and different genesis on the course of experimental pathology.

Methods: At the first stage of research we have determined the type of peloids these are medium-mineralized weakly sulfide magnesium-sodium silt peloids, low-ash organic sapropels, and peat low-mineralized high-ash sulfide-free peloids. Physicochemical parameters have been established: mass fraction of moisture, volumetric weight, hydrogen sulfide content, contamination with particles with a diameter greater than 0.25 × 10-3 m, shear stress, stickiness, specific heat capacity, the content of organic substances, colloidal complex, the concentration of water conduit ions (pH) , redox potential (Eh). In the second stage of the study, 55 white rats were examined for the state of the liverʹs detoxification function (by carrying out a metabolic test using sodium thiopental) and the morphological form of the liver in normal conditions and toxic alcoholic hepatosis. The toxic alcoholic hepatosis model was induced by daily (30 days) intragastric watering of animals with a 25% solution of ethyl alcohol. From the 15th day, the rats received a course of applications: a cake with the corresponding peloids was applied to the bare part of the back. 

Results: It was determined that the peloids used had a positive effect on animalsʹ condition, which was expressed in the restoration of the detoxification function of the liver and its structural and functional organization. The most substantial positive effect is observed when using silt-sulfide peloids, which, according to the authors, is due to the peculiarities of their physicochemical composition (increased content of magnesium, chlorides, sodium, as well as hydrogen sulfide). 

Conclusion: Based on the results obtained, it was concluded that the studied peloids meet the criteria for the quality of therapeutic peloids in terms of physicochemical parameters, biological activity, and expands the possibilities of their application in balneology.



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