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«Український науково-дослідний інститут медичної реабілітації та курортології Міністерства охорони здоров’я України»

Mineral waters as a part of sanatorium-resort rehabilitation for children in remission of oncological diseases

Shmakova I. P., Shapovalova H. А., Mokienko А. В., Badiuk N. S., Babienko V. V., Gushcha, S. G. Mineral waters as a part of sanatorium-resort rehabilitation for children in remission of oncological diseases. PharmacologyOnLine, 2021, 1: 156-162. Available at:

The aim: to make clinical and clinical-laboratory assessment of the dynamics of indicators in children after treatment of oncohematological diseases (OHD) and solid tumors (ST) after prescription of general rehabilitation complex (GRC) and rehab ilitation complexes (RC 1-5) with addition of mineral waters (MW). 

Materials and methods. Sanatorium-resort rehabilitation of 485 children was carried out in the sanatoriums of Ukraine (Odessa and Truskavets). GRC included a gentle motor mode; climatotherapy; dietary food; therapeutic physical training according to the methods in special medical groups for children with various somatic diseases; singlet-oxygen cocktail; baby herbal tea (holosas with ascorbic acid); psychological assistance programs for sick children and their parents. In RC (1-5) mineral waters of different physical and chemical composition (“Aqua-Libra”, “Voznesenskaya”, “Truskavets-Aqua-Eco”, “Morshinskaya”, “Maria”) were additionally included. 

Methods. Clinical, functional (electrocardiography, electroencephalography, echoencephalography, ultrasound Doppler), laboratory (general clinical, biochemical, nonspecific adaptive reactions of the body, indices of hematogenicity ratios, statistical. 

Results. Multidirectional positive effects of rehabilitation complexes with mineral water intake have been established. Disappearance or significant reduction of complaints, manifestations of pain, dyspeptic and asthenic syndrome, as well as objective signs of the disease took place. The use of differentiated programs of sanatorium rehabilitation with MW inclusion, taking into account the period of OHD or ST remission and concomitant diseases of the hepatobiliary, cardiovascular and nervous systems, programs of psychological support improves clinical and functional condition of the patients. The necessity of caution regarding the use of biologically active MW and the advantages of low-mineralized MW without specific components and compounds by gentle methods is substantiated.

All human studies were conducted in compliance with the rules of the Helsinki Declaration of the World Medical Association “Ethical principles of medical research with human participation as an object of study”. Informed consent was obtained from all participants.



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