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Toxicological and Biological Assessment of the Effect of Sapropel of the Prybych Lake during Cutaneous Application in Rats

Strus O., Babov K., Gushcha S., Polovko N., Nasibullin B., Polshchakova T. Toxicological and Biological Assessment of the Effect of Sapropel of the Prybych Lake during Cutaneous Application in Rats. Open Access Maced J Med Sci. 2020Sep.10; 8(A): 633-8. Available from: doi: 


BACKGROUND: The use of sapropel in balneology, cosmetology, and also products of its processing as an active pharmaceutical ingredient for the creation of medicines requires a mandatory assessment of the degree of toxicity. The toxicological and biological characteristics of sapropel (silt deposits) from the Prybych lake of the Shatsky Lakes group of the Volyn region of Ukraine were based on the results of studies of the functional state of the central nervous system (CNS), autonomic reactions, and structural and functional changes in the internal organs (heart, stomach, liver, and kidneys) of white rats with external use of sapropel. An analysis of acute toxicity, locally irritating, and sensitizing action of sapropaste (a product from sapropel) was also carried out.

AIM: This study aimed to conduct of toxicological and biological assessment of the effect of sapropel from the Prybych Lake during cutaneous application in rats to justify the prospects for its further use in balneology, medicine, and for the development of new drugs.

METHODS: This study was an in vivo experimental study. As many as, 50 rats were grouped into three treatment groups and two groups of controls.

RESULTS: In essence, indicators of locomotor activity and orientation-research behavior of animals do not change (p > 0.5). A stimulating effect on the emotional state of animals, characterized by an increase of grooming duration (p < 0.001), was found. Animals feel calm. A moderate stimulating effect on vegetative reactions manifests itself in a slight increase in urination acts (p < 0.05). Microscopic studies confirmed the absence of the damaging effect of sapropels on the structural and functional state of the organs studied, and signs of increased secretory activity of the gastric mucosa were also noted.

CONCLUSIONS: It was experimentally established that the sapropel of the Prybych Lake does not have a harmful or toxic effect on the CNSs functional state and the liver, kidneys, heart, and stomach of rats. Sapropaste does not exhibit sensitizing and locally irritating properties and belongs to the class of practically non-toxic substances (toxicity Class V).



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